Nature Alliance is a nonprofit initiative engaged in endeavors for environmental care in Bangladesh. With the underlying theme of developing harmony with nature, it believes that man-made activities have been largely responsible for the degradation of our natural beauty and resources. It, thus aims at stressing on prudent approach in the management of resource & consumerism. In Bangladesh, where people are already subjected to continues vagaries of nature, there is widespread ignorance about environmental hazards most of which could be dealt through simple but sincere care. Nature Alliance desires to take up this responsibility, as much as it can. Read some interesting information about teacups pigs at www.teacuppigs.net.


The mission of Natural Alliance is to make as many people aware about living in harmony with nature and its various resources. It wants to sensitize people from all walks of life about the dire necessities to keep our environment free from degradation which may come from pollution of air and water, deforestation, hill cutting, chemical agriculture & excessive consumerism. Nature Alliance works from the grassroots level dealing with even elementary social habits and practices that are detrimental to a conducive environment. Besides, Nature Alliance advocates on re-use & recycling, better waste management, health-safe workplace, cleaner production & Corporate Social Responsibility.


Who we are

Nature Alliance is a forum of academics, engineers, physicians, businessmen, farmers, students, journalists, lawyers, bankers, painters, musicians, artists & else. The concept is to convey the message of better environmental care to all walks of life for pursuing a life style that idolizes harmony with nature.