Core Activities

The participatory Natural Surrounding Management Program is a unique community based activity. It involves tree plantation, waste management, sanitation, conservation and improvement of natural beauty. The main aim is to develop local Distinctiveness.

The Cleaner Production Advisory Service

The Cleaner Production Advisory Service Program encompasses seminars, workshops, and diagnostic assistance on improving production methodologies in SMEs to check air and water pollution. It also stresses on solutions at source, not end-of-the -pipe one. Besides, it caters consultancy services like Environment Management System, Environmental Impact Assessment, etc.

Environmental Education

Under Environmental Education Program, lectures, seminars and environmental fairs are organized at academic institutions and community clubs. Age group Art & Essay contests are also held occasionally, particularly on World Environment Day & World Habitat Day.

Natural Surrounding Management Program

Corporate Social Responsibility Promotion

Through Corporate Social Responsibility, companies can benefit much in terms of performance & growth. Companies can also contribute to overall development of the society by taking responsibilities of environmental, educational, health and social needs of neighboring communities. Through its Corporate Social Responsibility Program, Nature Alliance works to stimulate this feeling among the companies, and to bring together government, business and civil society to work for sustainable development.

The Sustainable Consumption Advocacy

The Sustainable Consumption Advocacy Program is intended mainly for the urban population. Under the theme \”Little care today, better world tomorrow \”, Nature Alliance organizes public seminars/dialogues on different issues like minimizing wastage of water, proper garbage disposal, recycling & reuse, etc.